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We bought tilly who is now chloe we love her my daughter can't put her down she is so spoiled we coudd not be happier. 
-N.F. Kansas City 

hello cindy,
Chocola is doing really good. My family is enjoying him. He gets along with my grandkids & the other dog i have. He's adjusting really good. He's so hyper & fun to play with. I've brought him toys, a collar, bowl & a bed. Thank you so much for him. write by. goodbye
--K.L.. New York

 Hi Cindy,
  Just thought we'd send you some updated pics of Bella.  I hope they all came through ok.  As you can see our other two pups have taken to her fine.  She's doing great and we're really enjoying her!Thanks again,
S.K. Missouri

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Hi - how have you all been? Here's a picture of Hayley watching TV. Believe it or not she does watch & she does see dogs & cats & wants to jump into the TV after them. It amazes me. We call her our Wild Child.  She is quite the puppy,we love her dearly. 
                       Talk to You later. --B.C. Montana 
Hi Cindy,  Just wanted to first say thanks for your hospitality, allowing us to barge in on your evening with your wonderful family!  We enjoyed meeting you all!  The babies are all doing great!  Sleeping thru the night from from the first with no crying-I'm sure since there is 3 makes the difference, but they are fantastic!  D*** is anxious to take Digger on the road, but wants time to have us train him further before starting the truck routine.  Everyone who has seen the babies can't believe how good their temperment is, just shows the love you have given them from the start and they know already how much we love them!
Thanks again for all your cooperation given us, I would reccomend you to anyone!  We'll try to keep in touch with you as they grow!
Hope you all are doing great!  We so enjoyed meeting you and your family!  
Have a great day!
God's blessings,  S**** from Missouri

..... I wanted to let you know that I was very impressed with your operation and the way that you socialize your puppies.  Thank you for opening your home and business to us so that we could see how things were run.  You are a very caring person and it shows in your business sense. --B.B.- Kansas

 Hello!  All is well in Perryville.  Our girls are both doing well.  Little Lilly is such a sweet joy, and is getting her adult hair and becoming a beautiful young lady. They all play all the time and chase each other around the house.  They give us a lot of love and enjoyment!  Thanks again for such wonderful papillons!  We Love Our Girls!!!-K.W. Missouri
Hi Cindy!
Wanted to give you an update on Rascal.
My parents just love him!  He has settled into his new home in PA, and feeling great!   The doggy now has his own bedroom (which used to be mine), lots of toys, and a big yard where he can play!  Also, since he has such a wonderful temperament, he occasionally accompanies my mom to the Oncology center, where he cheers up patients, staff, and attending physicians:-)…he is extremely bright, cheerful, and fun…very much the “people person”.  Often, he seems more like my brother, rather than the family pet.                        --C.P. Pennsylvania
Well, I am so happy with Tia, everything is great! She is doing quite well with the house-breaking process. In fact by the second day she was going on the pee pad. -PB - Florida
Hey Cindy I hope all is well with your family. I have been wanting to email you for awhile now. Sweetie pie is spoiled as ever. Has to sleep with Rikki. She is a wonderful member of our family. I just wanted to let you know how special she is to us. Thank You B.D.-Missouri
She is really just more  than we expected~ LOVE isn't even a word that describes her~ She is just PERFECT!!!
Thank you so much for blessing our family!!!!!!
Talk to you soon! TC & AC - Virginia

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